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Strider 14" School Bundle *14 BIKES*

Strider 14" School Bundle *14 BIKES*

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  • 14 x Strider 14" Sport Balance Bikes
  • 7 x Strider 14" Pedal Kits
  • Resource Pack

This awesome bundle comes with 14x Strider 14" balance bikes, 7x Pedal kits, and a resource pack full of goodies.

The Strider 14" balance bike is the best way for children to learn the important life skill of riding a bike. These balance bikes are the perfect starter bike, as they improve the kids balancing skills and have the smoothest transition to pedaling. 

When children have mastered the Strider 14" balance bike, a pedal kit can be attached to the bike in a matter of minutes. This creates a smooth transition to continue their learning. 

The resource pack includes a range of items like lesson plan ideas, certificates, stickers, etc. 

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